Thursday, May 26, 2016

Done With Lockup

AYLA:  We just got out of lockup again.  TBT says that was the last one (fer this project annyway).  Thats good, we were sure getting tired of being cooped up in the bedroom!  But that suggests there are other projects coming up...

I went straight up onto the deck rails and did my look-around.
Everything looks OK.
Hey, who is THAT Stranger?  Oh, just the Neighbor.  As long as he stays on his side of the fence, thats good.
So I walked the rail and found a good place ta sit.  This looks comfy, but I'll save it fer later!
Its a bit hot out today, so Marley found a nice shady spot.  Cant beat warm air and a cool deck!
Iza went straight down ta the Nip Patch.  She allus worries that Strangers will steal our Nip.  TBT has told her that Beins dont get annything from Nip, but she finds that hard ta beleeve!
She is welcome ta guard it as long as she wants though.  While she is down THERE, she isnt bothering ME!
Ah, it is SO nice ta have that lockup all done...  I may go nibble on some Nip later myself!