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Friday, May 27, 2016

Flashback Friday

As we were sittin around on our cat trees today, we thought about what we were doing 5 years ago today.

And guess what?  It was the arrival of our 2nd cat tree!  Is that good timing or what?

SO... we present the assembly of it again fer fun.

Out of the boxes...
We checked the stuff out thoroughly.  Well, it WAS impawtant ta us....
The parts seemed sturdy.  
The 1st platforms stood up to us jumping on them.
Then it started ta take shape.

Seeing the 1st hut attached was eciting.
Iza jumped right in ta check it out.
I checked it out too.
I could jump in.  Yay!!

A TBT handprint...  but he smoothed that out later.  We wanted it puurfect fer us.

 Then higher post were attached.

Another platform.  This is looking very promising!

Another hut!  Cool!

More posts?  How high was this thing gonna get?  Well. the higher the better.

There was a final platform at the top.  Higher than the other one.  

 It ended up really good.  Iza took right over on the older one.
 And *I* jumped right up on the new one.
Ah, such good memories of that first day...  Ayla stayed away from the assembly...  She likes US ta try things out first.