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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour!  We finally have some Summer flowers blooming all at once.  The cloudy rainy days of May held them back a bit, but they are making up for lost time now...

These are some purple salvia.  There used ta be more of them.
The first water lily opened up today!  
These white Clematis are unusally nice-lookin this year.  There usally arent many together in one place on the vines.
These Brunella are expanding now that TBT trimmed a shrub back and they get more sun.
These purple clematis look nice too, but dont get too close.  There is some poison ivy among them!
 I think this is a Weigala.  But there is poison ivy around the base, so TBT didnt want to try ta find the label.  In fact, there is poison ivy in a lot of places here this year.  A neighbor has lots of it and they wont bother ta kill it.  So the birdies eat the berries an then spread the seeds around.  There must have been a LOT of berries last Fall!
This IS a Weigala.  The flowers turn from white ta deep pink all over the shrub, so it is called Carnival.
This lovely plant is a Baptisia.  Its from Australia!  It seems ta do OK here though.  We have 4 of them.  Each one has many stems, but the flowers are small so ya gotta look at just one close-up...
In the front yard, the Snow-On-The Mountain is blooming.  The flowers arent much and dont last long, but they are here for the pretty leafs.  TBT started with 6 little seedlings from his pawrents place way north of here 25 years ago and they spread all over.  It is too hot for them in Summer and they die back but return every Fall.
They peek out from unner these HUGE Hostas.  
 And finally, the Stella D' Oro daylillies are blooming around the mailbox.  They are nice cuz they repeat their blooming cycle several times during the Summer.
Now lets go up on the deck and have some SNACKS!  And we have a special treat today.  Shreds of FILET MIGNON!!!  TBT bought one at a store that trims of all the tough parts and TBT keeps them.  He says it is amazing how much good stuff he can get off those trimmings and today WE are sharing those.  And it is RAW!  Aside from that, we have Nip/Chicken Stock Smoothies. 

Thank you so much fer comin on my Garden Tour this week!