Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Wrap-Up

MARLEY:  Well, I got some questions about what happened yesserday.  I left off yesserday sittin there with animal noises goin on in several places around me, and ME not sure where ta go.
I'll tell ya what I did.  I SAT there until there was only sounds comin from one direction.  Then I went THERE!  That way, I didnt have ta actally make a DECISION.

An guess what I found...  A young bunny, which I promptly dispatched!  After playin with it fer a few minutes, I gave it ta Iza cuz she said she was kinna hungry.  And since TBT only came out a bit later while Iza was dining, we decided we would spare ya all the picture.

So alls well that ends well (fer US annyway).