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Monday, June 13, 2016

Mournful Mealtime Monday

IZA:  Ah c'mon TBT, nothing on yer plate fer us TWO nights in a row?
TBT:  Sorry Iza, tonite was pork with BBQ sauce and mushrooms and onions on noodles.  You wouldn't keep any of that down for 5 minutes!

IZA:  Well, I had to check it out.  Ayla was asking, too.  And sometimes I pay attention to her.

TBT:  Yeah RIGHT that you were asking on Aylas behalf you little liar, LOL!  But I just fed you guys canned Turkey and tossed some kibbles for chasing and eating.

IZA:  Yeah, but I always want MORE!

TBT:  Of course you do.  But you weigh 10.5 pounds and I need to keep you there.  You would weigh 20 pounds if I let you (very gradually) eat all you wanted.  I want you to stay around as long as you can sweet girl...

IZA:  Well, could I have ONE more pound?

TBT:  No...


Ya see what Im up against here?  No mercy fer a hungry Iza...  TBT is totally unrelenting these days!
We are adding to this post to pay our respects to Daddy Cat who just went off to The Bridge.
There have been many very manly cats in our time, but there was never one so mancatly dedicated to his Mommy Cat.  Daddy Cat was Special.  Daddy Cat was UNIQUE.  We will miss him as if he had been one of US in our own house...

Safe Journey, Daddy Cat.  We know that every cat over The Bridge is waiting there to greet you with High Honor among all cats!