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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:   Hi - welcome to my Thursday Garden Tour!  Ya caught me checking the Nip Patch.  Tuesdays storm was heavy rain (we got 1.5" in 30 minutes) so Im making sure they are OK.  But we'll get back to them after the tour... 
First, our Hydrangeas are blooming.  They are COOL.  The flowers open up green...
And then turn brighty whitey!
The whole row of them is nice too. 
The Purple Coneflowers are just beginnin ta bloom.  This is the first one, and the petals arent even unrolled yet.  Ya dont get to see THAT very often!
The 1st Stokes Aster opened today too.  Inna few days, there will be LOTS more!
This was a surprise I noticed yesserday.  Its called Butterfly Weed.  TBT planted a dozen there last year and nothing came of them, but apparently this single one survived and is blooming.   Ive told TBT ta try again, because butterflys DO seem ta like it a lot and he has seen lots of small native bees on it too.
This one is unidentified .  It is one of a wildflower mix, and the package doesnt identify the seeds.  Like many small-flowered wildflowers, they seem ta look blurry close up, but hard ta see from a few feet away.
This is some natural wildflower (as in "we dint plant it").  Some kind of wild daisy.  But it looks nice and helps hide an area where TBT dint weed this Spring.
Another unknown wildflower from the package.   We are hoping fer more of them as Summer goes along.  
We THINK this one is actally a weed (cuz we have seen it elsewhere around the yard), but the wildflower bed is so devoid of flowers so far that we are leaving it this year. 
This isnt ezactly a flower, but it IS really neat.  TBT left the garden enclosure door open today just so we can see it.  Its a Kohlrabi.  It grows an edible (to Beins) ball in the middle of the stem about the size of a tennis ball.  TBT says it tastes like a broccoli stalk, but sweeter and it is solid.
Now lets go back ta the Nip Patch.  Cuz thats our treats fer today.  I decided ta do something differnt!  There is PLENTY ta nibble on, and since the rain knocked some tall stems down, we can even ROLL all over it.  And ta drink, we have water.  But not just ANNY water!  This is pure clean rainwater that TBT caught in nice clean bowls he set out on the lawn when he heard it was going to rain a lot Tuesday.  We have 2 quarts/liters of it!

I know that seems like simple fare, but it is all organic, and I thought a change from "the usual" would be nice.

Thanks so much fer comin on my Garden Tour this week!