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Friday, June 24, 2016

Freaky Friday TV Time

AYLA:  I get a bit ecited when I see cats on TV.  Especially iffen they are unusual cats.  Like this one.  I dint know it was a cat at first, but the ears and eyes made me think it might be.
And I wasnt sure even with another picture.  
But then they started showing it better.  It was clearer on the TV than the picture shows.   But really, ya cant mistake a cat.  We ARE kinna unique!
"The Look" really proves it too.  
But what REALLY innerested me was the EARS!  The ears of THAT one are amazing.  I dint even unnerstand that the name of it was RIGHT THERE cuz Ive never seen that word.  But TBT helped me out by saying it fer me.  "car-a-cal".  I have ta remember that cuz it is the bigger-than-me cat I most admire now!
Hey lady, get back to the cat!  I dont need ta see YOU.
So annyway, these car-a-cal cats have huge ears for hearin tinier sounds than me, they can jump way better than even *I* can, an they can catch hummingbirds in the air.  Not that I actally want us cats ta catch hummingbirds (cuz I admire them little fast guys so much), but that they CAN is pawsome!
They average about 20 pounds (less than 2x Marley's size), but they can jump 14 feet up (more than 2x what Marley or even *I* can jump.  That is higher per size than anny other cat!  No wonder I admire them so much. 

I wanna see MORE TV shows about them.  Oh, um, yeah, TBT liked the show too...