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Saturday, June 25, 2016

CardDay Caturday Saturday

Sometimes, when we get eCards from friends among all the greeting comments on our Special Days, we dont think to acknowledge the efforts ta make the cards. 

So...  We were looking back and noticed that this morning.  And we want to acknoWOWledge those now.  Hey was that good or what?

But here are 2 we found back up...

I (Ayla) loved this card.  The cake was cute, the number 9  was a really good touch, and while the pink outsides looked like walnuts, they were actually crushed Nip Leafs!  And the insides were Salmon... 

And the whole card was just SO special!  I felt great about MY DAY!
And there was the Gotcha Day card...  Iza and Ayla (we have to write this together) loved it!  Having our Gotcha Day the same day (though a year apart) is unusual, but it amused TBT ta arrange it that way.  Purrsonally, we think he did it ta keep things easier fer him ta remember (he did the same with Skeeter and LC - The Cats Who Came Before).

But regardless, the card was utterly lovely and right for the season, too!  That shows some care.
Thank you for both the cards and previous ones), the former WeBeesSiameezers and now Meezer's Mews & Freckles Woofs

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