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Saturday, July 02, 2016

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  Its frustrating that Ayla can hop up on the top of the shoe rack without hardly trying.  She even eats and sleeps up there.  I cant get up on my own at all.  I wanna get up there cuz there is sometimes some food.  Thats why Marley was there.  Since there wasnt anny, he just hopped right back down.
 I CAN get up onto the middle shelf.  There has ta be a space with no shoes, and it takes me a few false starts ta do the jump.

Then I try ta get up ta the top one.  I just cant get around the front of it.  When I try, my weight is all beyond the middle shelf.  Ive tried and fallen several times.  It embarrassing! 
 And there isnt enough width of the front part fer me ta rest there (although naturally AYLA napped there once just ta rub it in).
So I usually just stand there fer a couple minnits feelin bad and then hop down onto the bed again.
Once inna great while, TBT feels sorry fer me and lifts me up ta the top shelf so I can curl up there fer a while.  But not often, cuz its Aylas purrsonal spot and it bothers her ta find me up there. 

And not today...