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Sunday, July 03, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Chewing

AYLA:  Yeah, I know I wasnt around much last week.  I wasnt feeling PUURFECT.   An I dont post well at less than purrfection.

So ya know what ya gotta do when yer not feeling "purrfect" ...

Chew on some grass!!!

 And we DO have some great grass here.  Tall rough stuff, little short ones, wide crunchy ones.  You name it, we HAVE it!
I really got into it.  And dont worry, some of those look like lilies but they arent.  I know what not ta chew on.
I even have choices.
Sniffin careful is a good idea.  Ya dont want a grass the Evil Skwerls have marked!  YUCK!
 And when ya get a good clean one...  GO FER THE CHEW!!!
Get the tips, they taste the best and werk as good as the bottoms.
And I'm polite an considerate.  I stay outside until the grass has its customary effect. 

I will ask that ya notice my good fangs, "Fang you very much".  MOL!