Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Litter Box Survey

We got an email from our Auntie Susie yesterday.  She and Hubby and Daughter are moving.  To a smaller house  (great location, smaller place).  Aunt Susie has a problem.  There is no good place for her cat Lucy's litterbox.  No basement, no separate cat room.  Apparently, they aren't nose-blind to litterbox smells like TBT is.

Lucy In D'skies (5 years ago)...

So the litterbox has to be in "fambly areas".  She asked US to ask YOU what you might recommend.

WE have no idea, as OUR litterboxes are down in the basement and TBT doesnt care anyway.

We already know that scented litter is not the way ta go (we hate the smell).  But we have no experience with covered litterboxes, fancy litter, or things more unusual.

So give us your suggestions and we will pass them on...