Thursday, July 07, 2016


We interrupt our usual Garden Tour this week in favor of whiskers.  And because one dear Bein friend thinks pictures of loose whiskers are yucky, we give warning first.


OK, that's out of the way.  Now first, here is a picture of a 25 year old whisker.  Not ours of course.  Mebbe Skeeter or LCs.  Mebbe Tinkerbelle's.  TBT found it in an old outdoor carpet that is from about 1994.
Which reminded us of the collection of OUR whiskers TBT has saved.  He found a neat small bootle at a store.
Every whisker he finds in the house, he saves in there.

He even spilled them out onto a towel...
He isn't gonna do that again soon; it took him n hour to get all of them back into the bottle.  But once every few years is OK. 

TBT here:  And I want to mention something.  While Iza was sitting on the newspaper I was reading, I saw something I never imaged happening.  I SAW a whisker fall off her...  It just, well, fell off.  I always thought they scratched them off, but no...