Monday, July 11, 2016

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:  I was real anxious ta get outside right after dinner.  It was early enough that I was still allowed out.
 I was REAL innerested in gettin out.
 Cuz THIS was sitting on the back lawn!
TBT saw it too, and he let me out.  And then he kind of walked all around on the deck moving around a bit more active.

The bunny saw that!  And ran off unner the fence.  I was kinna surprised at TBT.  He is normally rather still and watchful when there is something in the yard we are innerested in.  HE said it was accidental cuz there was a wasp flying around him, but somethin dint seem right about that.  When wasps fly around him, he usually takes of his hat to whap-swing at them an he dint do THAT.

Oh Bast, I hope he isnt getting all weak about rabbits...