Thursday, July 14, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday


Welcome to my Garden Tour!  I have a LOT of plants ta show.  In fact since there are so many and the deck is in the shade, we will just look around THERE.  It is HOT here.  Tomorrow is sposed ta be a LITTLE better, so I'll do a yard tour then.

This Caladium sure has ONE HUGE LEAF!  And talk about bright colors, WOW!
But look behind the big leaf and ya can see more growing.  Plus there are some orange Zinnias...

This pot has some yellow Zinnias.  All the pots were just planted a couple weeks ago, so they will get lots bigger soon.  
More of the yellow Zinnias, but in a hanging basket...
 Another pot of orange Zinnias...  TBT will hang it SOMEWHERE.
Here is another pot of Caladiums with smaller leafs, but more of them.  And a couple of pots with Marigolds and Zinnias looks nice next to them.
Another hanging pot, but this one is all Marigolds.  They are growing fast!
These are Pinweel Zinnias.  They have differnt color flowers.  I cant wait ta see what the other colors are.
This is the WEERD Pot.  There are Zinnias growin on top and a Cherry Tomato out a hole in the bottom.  Eventually, the Cherry Tomato will hang straight down from its own weight and be loaded with tomatoes TBT can just pick as he walks by.   He has done this for years and it actually werks!
The Coreopsis Moonbeam is reblooming.  It usually doesnt do that, but TBT remembered to cut the tops off after it bloomed last month. 

Its still hot out here, so lets go inside and have some snacks!  Ayla an TBT have prepared some Salmon Pate, some diced Chick-Hen Breast, and they have put out an assortment of drinks.  TBT says we are out on really hot days, we should make sure to drink some liquids.  I hope Niptinis and Meowgaritas count.  Plus there is regular water (with a couple ice cubes fer fun)...

Thank you so much fer coming along on my Garden Tour.  And remember, we will tour the yard tomorrow!