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Friday, July 15, 2016

Garden Tour Friday

Thank you for coming to my 2nd day Garden Tour this week!  Today we are going out in the yard because it is cooler than yesserday at nearly 100F.  Ayla volunteered yesserday ta show it.  And the humidity made it like 105F.
Today is better by a virtual 5F degrees, so I will give a yard garden tour!  But I will try ta keep ya all in the shade as we go...

These are the Black Eyed Susans in the wildflower bed.  We got 3 orange flowers but they dint last long.  Lots of these though.  Well, they are native here.
And there are a 2 paws of toes of these Queen Anne's Lace.   Monarch and Swallowtail butterflies seem ta like them.
I think this is a Blanket Flower.  We have 2 of them flowering, and from looking at the leaf on smaller plants, there are some more growing.
This is a daylily just newly in real soil.  TBT had 2 dozen in small pots.  He saved them from when the ridge in the backyard was leveled.  We dont miss that nasty ridge of weeds and thorny stuff at ALL!  But I'm glad he saved the daylilies.  Some of them are quite fancy, so I want to see their flowers again.  Dont worry, we know not ta chew on them.  They dont taste like grass!
And because they are so small, TBT planted lots of Marigolds, Zinnias, and Salvias around them.  Just fer THIS year.
 And the daylilies are sending up lots of new leafs, so that is good.  It means they are HAPPY where they are.
Some of the Zinnias round the new daylilies...  They arent much yet, but they are young.  They are growing fast.  Last week, there were no flowers at all!
 Same with the newly planted Impatiens.  A few of them had flowers when planted, but they are busy growing roots now.  More roots now, more flowers later.
 Same with the Coleus.  But at least their leafs have color.
We have about a dozen different Hostas, but this is my favrit.  I think it is called Paul's Glory, but I thin of it as Iza's Favrit!
And it looks real nice next to the Japanese Painted Ferns.  They are bigger this year then ever.  I think it was the warm wet Spring and cool May.
This is the part of the largest new flowerbed closest to the house.  Most of the orange flags mark the tulip plantings.  Some mark the new daylilies (cuz they look like frass weeds and TBT doesnt want to pull them up by accident).  Ya can see the annuals at the very edge.  And the 2 pots in the center are Yucca roots TBT dug up and coddled fer 2 years until they finally sent up a few leafs.  We have ta dind a really sunny spot fer those and there arent many in the back yard.  Mebbe the front yard like behind the mailbox.  They like dry and it doesn't get much drier than there.  
Thank you so much fer coming along on the 2nd Garden Tour of the week!  I think it will get back ta normal next time.

And since its not TOO bad out here today (in the shade), I think we will have our after-tour treats outside.  Marley helped this time, so we have stuff like crumbled bacon, dried strips of beef, and chicken kibbles!  And thankfully, TBT has brought out cream, chickie-broth, and crushed nip leafs in water. 

Wait, what?  TBT has ping-pong balls to toss to us out on the lawn.  WOW!  Talk about WHAPPABLE...