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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Caturday Saturday

MARLEY:  We were having a nice night on  and around TBT.  Iza was at the TV, I was on the ottoman.  Ayla was on a nearby towel.
I wasnt actally napping, just sitting and thnking.  I do that sometimes.  I asked Iza once if she does that and she just looked at me weerd.
So I shifted around trying ta get some ZZZZs, but the TV noise was disturbing.  Lots of sudden loud sounds.  TBT lives in a noisy world...
Iza wasnt bothered.  She could nap through a Vishus Deer attack!
But then TBT watched the end of some monster movie.  We dont like those.  You can see even Iza leaving the room.  And there was even a CAT involved!  The woman is holding it.  We all went to the bedroom.
We knew it was late and TBT would be joining us soon.  And he did.  And we all slept fer 12 hours...