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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to my Garden Tour this week!  But I find it difficult ta discuss vegetables, so while Im still leading the tour, TBT will come along ta esplain everything!

TBT:  Well, OK, the garden is just starting to produce stuff, so here is a day's harvest.  I pick zucchini small so there aren't many seeds, the carrots are naturally small (and sweet), and there aren't many beans yet, but you have to pick the mature ones or the plant stops producing more. 

The tomatoes are both new hybrids developed by the University of Florida.  They are a cross between a great old heirloom called "Brandywine" and "something else".  The goal was to breed them for taste and disease resistance, not shipping durability.  They aren't as flavorful as Brandywine, but they are the best-tasting hybrid tomato I've grown!  The large one is Garden Treasure and the small one is Garden Gem.
Now let's all follow Iza outside...

This is one of 3 beds of tomatoes.  Most are heirlooms.  I grow them in heavy wire cages, staked so they won't blow over.
Here we have a bed with 4 bell peppers, 2 zucchini, and 2 honeydew melons.  The honeydews are finally starting to grow, and I see there are several blossoms.
The bi-color corn isn't growing very tall.  They should all be taller like the one on the right.  There are cucumbers starting up the trellis at the back.  Everything seems to be slow to grow this year!
The flat italian pole beans finally took off.  There are at least a dozen beans maturing now and they should start to produce more heavily soon.  I need the ladder to reach the top ones!
This is the Garden Gem tomato plant.  It produces a lot!
This is a block of carrots.  I grow the small crops in square foot blocks and keep each type separated.  That makes it harder for the insect pests to find their favorite kind.   And when I harvest a whole block at once, I can immediately plant a different crop there.
I grow celery.  It doesn't make stalks here, but I like the leaves better anyway.  They are like spicy leaf lettuce.  Great to add to salads.  Don't cringe, kitties, us Beings LIKE that stuff, LOL!
Here is the whole garden enclosure.  It is completely covered with chicken wire.  No, sorry, there aren't any chickens to chase.  But it keeps out the Evil Squirrels and Grungy Groundhogs.
The compost tumbler finally decided to fall apart this year.  It used to be that I could turn the handle and keep the contents mixed.  All our kitchen waste goes in there to become "good stuff" for the garden plants.  But it looks like I will have to build a real compost bin now...
This is the 3rd tomato bed.  It is the sunniest part of the back yard.  I think I will grow the corn there next year.   If it won't grow THERE well, I guess I'll have to give up on growing corn.
These are 2 Garden Treasure tomatoes.   I'm leaving them on the plant to see how ripe they will get before they start to go bad.  I may have picked the 1st few too early before they developed their full flavor.  Since growing them is an experiment this year (the seeds were available only for "home gardener testing") I might as well experiment!
I now turn things back over to Iza...

IZA:  Thank you, TBT for explainin all that stuff about the vegetables.  I couldnt have done it.  We will get back to pretty flowers (which I unnerstand better) next time.  NOW, since it is a relatively nice day, lets go sit in the shade while TBT brings out the snacks that Ayla and Marley chose today.

Hmm...  We have minceded bacon, some diced roast beast, and chicken/nip smoothies.  After all those vegetables, it looks good and meaty!  Lets enjoy...

And thank you for coming along on my our Garden Tour!