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Friday, August 05, 2016

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  Me and Iza got a surprise today!  It wasnt a happy one...

See, Marley got dragged off ta the vet Wensday and he came back with his claws clipped.  He was shocked.  He was proud of those long sharp claws.  Not that he ever used them on us, I hasten ta add, but he admired them often. 

And the Vet scared him by attacking his claws with the delicacy of a lumberjack axing a tree with his eyes closed!  Still, he sure knew what he was doing because there wasn't the slightest problem.  Marley decided afterwards that the vet had probably done that before. 

We laffed when Marley tried to climb the cat tree rope posts and nearly fell off.  MOL!  MOL!

We shouldn't have...  Today was our turn.  TBT picked ME up when I wasn't suspecting annything and put me in a PTU.  He had Iza in the bedroom, and she just sits on the bed.  Purrsonally, I think she is too easy ta catch.

But not THIS time.  *I* let out the standard yowl warning of "PTUs on the table", so she was warned.  She and TBT played "walk around the bed" fer quite a while as TBT got a bit more desperate.  She lead him around almost until the appointment time.  But she finally made the mistake of trying to hide in a corner and he grabbed her and stuffed her into the largest PTU. 

Off we went to the Vet...

I went 1st.  Not like it was my choice.  Now, TBT has tried ta clip our claws before when they got so sharp that we were "sticking" to blankets, towels, and carpets.  And he is nervous about hurting our claws, so it never happens much.

The Vetpeople are different.  They know what they intend ta do, AND there are 2 of them!  Ya CANT fight 2 Beins with a purpose in mind...

One held me down and the other clipped me claws.  OK, it didnt hurt at all, but I was still upset.  At least THIS Vetperson was cautious and careful.  But the results were the same.
In fact, when they went ta go fer my back claws, I squirmed loose and ran into the PTU.  Not my favorite place, but it sure seemed safer.  They all laffed at me!  TBT himself slid me back out...  Then they did the rest.  I was sure glad to get back inside the PTU.  So much that I dint even sing in protest.  I went as quiet as a mousie trying to avoid ME.  And I guess I understand about that.
Then it was Izas turn.  She looks calmer than me, but she struggled hard.  Even with 2 Vetbeings involved, TBT had to help hold her.  She may look fat, but she is a LOT stronger than she looks.  She says it is a Tonky thing.   TBT agrees; Tonkies are really strong.

But she finally had to surrender to the clippers.
She dint meow in the least bit, but if looks could kill, the VetBeins would be on the floor (she would never injure TBT, bein so dedicated to him, but an injury is acceptable).
SHE hopped into her PTU as quickly as allowed too...

We got lots of treats as soon as we got back, and lots of scritchies and attention too.  An TBT says he will see how the claw-clippies work out fer us before he decides ta do that again.  Iffen we can walk across the blankies and carpet without getting stuck to them for a few months, he will consider it good.  An iffen we dont start ta get our claws long enough ta start bothering our paws (like they were) he will make it a 2x a year thing.

An I gotta admit that I ran across the bed tonight an didn't get my claws caught ONCE!  That was nice.  Marley is still annoyed.  Iza hasnt made up her mind yet.