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Friday, August 12, 2016

Garden Tour Friday

AYLA:  Today is flowers on the deck, so I am guiding the tour again.    Please come along; the pots are getting better each week!

The bumblebees love the flowers...
The yellow zinnia pot is flowering a lot.
This marigold is growing crazy!  All the others are half the size.  If it starts flowering much, it will look great (and TBT will save the seeds hoping fer some really big good-flowering marigold mutant).
The Many-Colored zinnia pot surprised us this week with fushia-color flowers.  It had a bud earlier that looked cream-colored, but that's not the color when it opened a few days ago!
 The 3some pots are doing nicely...
And while Iza is inside and not paying attention, let's all run down the deck stairs fer a quick look at The Unnerdeck Flowers!  The coleus are growing slowly with their lovely leaf colors...
But I wanted ya ta see the Impatiens.  They have all suddenly bloomed and don't they look great?  Wait til they get bigger.  It will be a carpet of red!
Now, before Iza realizes I have shown flowers off the deck, lets get back up!

OK, good.  Let's put on our best innocent faces when Iza comes out with the treats and asks what you saw...

She is bringing out her selections...  Canned minced chicken and bowls of water.  Wow, how fancy.  Well, thats what she likes most, so.....  enjoy.  Marley and I will take over treat selection next week I guess.

Thanks fer coming on our Garden Tour.