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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Freaky Friday

AYLA:  TBT loves to decorate the top dresser drawer, where I sometimes sleep through the night, with socks.  I really appreciate that.
TBT:  Um, Ayla, they are really thick socks and need extra time to dry.

AYLA:  So, like I said I love he decorates the drawer with them and I like that.  I even pulled a few around me.  They are quite cozy and I love that TBT puts them there for me.  Not to mention the drawerful of warmed undershirts.   The load of warmed undershirts IS worthy of a Princess!
 Marley and Iza have to sleep elsewhere.  That's THEIR problem.
THEY are getting ready to get into bed with him, as you can see by the small touch-lamp being lit.
Iza will sleep on him unner the covers as close as she can, draped over his hips iffen she can get away with it, and Marley will crawl unner the covers at dawn but not touchin him.  They are both weird.

Tastey Thursday

IZA:  Yes, thank you, I DID get the tastey plate!  It takes some werk.
First, I have to fight off Ayla, who also likes that plate stuff.
But I have a technique.  I shove my nose unner her chin.
And push to the far side of the plate.  That gets me good control.
 Iffen I can get my face over most of the plate, I WIN!
 Lick, Lick, Lick...
But TBT says I am too greedy and wont share.  So he pulls me away (sometimes) to let Ayla get some licks in.  
He baffles me sometimes.  Fortunately, Marley doesn't like TBTs plate stuff, or this would get REAL complexicated...  But I got 90% of the licks, so thats "OK".