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Sunday, September 04, 2016

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We are all taking it easy today.  TBT has been busy the past 2 days and sat fer a while today.  We hung around.

Marley got the laptime he missed yesserday...
I am being "Observor-Kitty", as I do often.   I stay nearby-but-not-on TBT unless the other 2 are napping elsewhere.  Youve probly noticed there arent many pictures of me on his lap compared to Iza and Marley.  Thats MY choise.  I dont like sharing or fussing or squirming to fit on.
Iza likes sitting on the arm of the chair.  That keeps her next to TBT - And watching his plate when he is eating.
Marley is good at sitting on TBTs leg so he doesnt interfere with eating.