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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  Welcome to our Garden Tour!  I am leading the tour today...

The Pinwheel Zinnias are looking good.
The other pots are still doing pretty well.  It is nice to see the whole group.  And notice we have 2 new pots!
TBT brought these orange Mums from Walmart a couple of weeks ago when there were only closed buds on them and they have exploded with flowers!  Here is one of them...
The 3 center pots sure have a lot of color in them.
The hanging baskets are still getting along, Zinnias...
and Marigolds, but the Marigolds are a bit thin.

The Marigolds sure love THIS pot a lot!
And sadly, we had an ACCIDENT yesserday.  This plastic 5 gallon pot is many years old, and was never designed fer hanging.  The rim finally broke where one of the hanger wires were and it fell way to the ground KERBLAM!
We will try ta repot some of the flowers, but the roots dry so fast exposed ta air and it IS late in the season.  So we dont know if they will recover anny.

Well lets see what Iza and Marley have arranged fer snacks.  Ooh today it is all treats.  Differnt flavors and textures.  Hmm, we seem to have crunchie chicken, chewy tuna, crunchy turkey, and soft salmon.  Plus meowgaritas and niptinis...  Im having a few of each, but choose whatever ya like best!

Thank you fer coming on this weeks garden tour!