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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Uncomfy Sunday Stroll

IZA:  Im not usually the one to be up on the deck rails.  I mean, I have to find several steps up.    Jumping right up to small narrow places is NOT my talent.

But I do when TBT is near.  I SO want to be near him.  You can all laff, but it matters to ME.   So I was up there today .

He was right next to me, so I wasn't TOO worried.  And he held me, so I wasn't too afraid of the height.  But he DID let go of me while I was there.  I was brave.  I looked around fer any intooders or vishus deer. 

I even stood while he backed off to take a picture!   But then he dint come BACK! 
I sniffed the board to make sure it wouldnt just fall over and take me with it.   But I was still worried about it all.  I mean I actually feel OFF the deck top once just trying to walk on it.  Fortunately, ON to the deck not to the ground side.  I dont know HOW Ayla does it so gracefully.   She NAPS on the high rails!!!
When TBT opened the door, I ran inside for safety.  Oh Spittikins, PLEASE come over and comfort me.   The ground below the deck was like a 1000 feet down!  And I almost FELL OVER.  I need some snuggling and TBT is "busy".