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Monday, October 31, 2016

New Foods!

We got a delivery from Chewy.  We are allus so happy to see the box. It means we won't starve.

We were suspicious at first.  We allus go growl when anyone enters our driveway.  But we LOVE these guys.
Goodbye good delivery person...
We got some of the usual.  Wellness Chicken, Turkey, and Tuna.  But this time they sent us the REAL Salmon.  In small cans, cause they don't offer the real stuff in the big cans.  We bet TBT was surprised at THAT! 

We were really happy, cuz the big cans of salmon we WERE getting are a bit odd.  Sort of like Shredded Wheat cereal to TBT.  Iza ate it, but she will eat ANYTHING.  She ate butterred BROCOLLI once.

He opened 2 cans of the GOOD salmon and gave it to us right away.  We ate it and practically fell over in happitude.  We mean, iffen TBT had dropped fresh Nip leaves next to the bowls, we would have chosen the salmon.

Well, "maybe".  He didn't so we aren't sure.  We are getting Turkey next and then Tuna.  Dang, it can't get better than THAT!  All the cans look the same to us, but he SAID so!