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Thursday, November 03, 2016

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  WELL, I finally back in the Tour Mananger Seat!

I have some nice stuff ta show...

Enough of those old pots on the deck.  Down here is where the Good Stuff grows.  The Impatiens are just growin crazy.  They have filled in all the space. 
 And the Coleus are doin good too. 
The Marigolds have done their best in real earth...
And so have the Zinnias!
It is all edging, so it is hard ta show a lot of them at once.   They try.
The Salvias are doing their best RED. 
You havent seen the Common Hostas before, I think.  They like under the deck stairs and seem pretty happy about it.  There are 15.  TNT divided 4 in quarters.  One seems to have snuck away.   They came right up thrilled after he chopped them.    These aren't fancy ones, but really what can ya expect unner the stairs?  They grow an they are better-lookin than poison ivy.  MOL!
 Ya can see the coleus leafs closeup here on the patio wall.    Who can't love red an cream on GREEN?
Well, that is all that is left at ground level.  And cuz this week's tour was ground level, ya get no treats today.


MOL!  We got great stuff up on the deck according to Ayla.  TBT was gonna throw it out, but we all begged.  It's "get fat day"

TBT cooked a 2 weeks worth of meats last night; We have crispy chicken skin, we have thin sliced pork like unsmoked bacon, we have smoked pork meat (if you are up to it), and we have thin-sliced chickie breast (unsalted and unspiced - he did that part just fer us kittehs). 

To drink, we have Niptinis, Nip Smoothies, and creamy toona juice.  And rain water...  That's allus good to cleanse the palate.

And TBT is tossing around rattley mousies.  Every day is a celebration here but we normally don't see those outside.  It must be cuz he super-blow-dried all the leafs off the deck and knows they wont get lost!

Enjoy it all friends...  And thanks fer coming along on our Garden Tour!  We LOVE seeing you all here...