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Saturday, November 12, 2016

We Are Back

We spent a couple days sort of on and unner the bed because TBT seemed so upset.  It seemed to us that the World was going to end and thr safest place to be was unner the but while TBT was up and doing stuff, and on top of the bed when he was sleeping there.  And did he ever SLEEP!  

He was in bed 12 hours a day this week.  Which was fine with US, as that seems normal.  But it wasn't normal for HIM! 

But he finally got up, cleaned the house, did laundry, and all that usual stuff.  He said there was no point in hiding, the world wasn't gonna end tomorrow, and it probably would affect US

We all got fed as usual of course.  Don't worry about us.

But he isn't as happy as he used ta be.  Granted, it's hard ta know when he is smiling, but there were definite frowns.  Even WE could see THAT!

But he changed today.  It wasn't a BIG change, but we can tell.  He went out of the house with it, he pulled weeds in the garden, he checked the mail and brought in a bunch.  He cleaned the litteboxes (a day overdue, but we managed).  He presented us with our food bowls with the accustomed ceremony and respect.  He held us each several times.  He tossed kibbles again. 

He apologized to us for being a real grump the past few days.  So things are about back to normal as far as WE are concerned.  Actually, we kinna liked sleeping all over him in bed for so many hours each night  and morning. 

We would have been posting ourselves, but we can't when he leaves the computer off.