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Sunday, November 20, 2016

New Camera

TBT bought a new camera.  We arent especially fond of cameras, but its the flashy that annoys us most and we are even sort of used to THAT!  We even sort of like having pictures of ourselfs for the bloggie.

But when we say "new camera", its actually a new one of TBTs previous cameras.  Apparently, after looking around, he decided that the camera he had before this last one (that was failing because it showed shadows all around the edges) was purrfectly fine with him.

So he found one.  Noy "used" not "refurbished", but "new" as in "in the original packaging and box, never opened, never used".  TBT wrote a bit more detail about the purchase over on his own blog (where we seldom bother to go) HERE.  IF you are innerested in details...

So he is happy.  And here are 2 of the 1st pictures he took with it.  We chose them because it is Easy Like Sunday and we try to show pictures with all 3 of us for Sunday.