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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Caturday Saturday

AYLA:  We know a lot of our friends are having much worse weather than we are, but a backyard covered with nasstty frozen rain is no fun either.  So we have ta stay inside today.   TBT says it MIGHT melt toward evening, but then it will be wet.  Or dark and then he wont let us out annyway.

So we are looking fer fun things ta do.  I may study the new book that arrived fer us (I'm probly the only kitty here who could unnerstand it...
Iza an Marley are still decidin what ta do.  Iza is in favor of asking TBT ta toss kibbles around ALL day long (well, only between meals, of course).  Marley is thinkin more about wand toys and seein iffen the patio unner the deck is ice-free soon enough ta at least go out THERE before dark.  

And we all plan to nap a lot, but that isnt all that unusual!