Monday, December 26, 2016

Chrissymouse Presents

We got some nice stuff from TBT.  New rattley mousies, some ham, some chicken, some soft treats.  We are loving them.

But we gotta say we are amazed at one prezzie. 

It was in a small box.  From Sandy Claws!  It was...  Lost toys!  He FOUND them for US...
We were amazed!  Clockwise from top left: 

1.  The oldest toy of the house.  It was Tinkerbelle's in 1986, and Skeeter's from 1999 to his passing over the Bridge.  It showed up a few times for us, but disappeared again for YEARS!  It is "softie mouse" nearly nothing but cloth, but oh so nice to hold mouthily.

2.  Fuzzy Shrew!  We remember it, barely.  It was gone for years.  Actually, only I (Ayla) remember it.  It vanished so long ago.

3.  Blue Rattley Mouse!  There is a red one and a green one, but Blue has been gone SO long!

4.  Rainbow Something!  We all remember that, but we sure havent seen it for a few years.  It was filled with Nip!

5.  The Nip Ball!  TBT can make it come apart and fill it with NIP!  It might be older than Softie Mouse.  TBT says that Tinkerbelle played with it as a kitten, and THAT would have been around 30 years ago!  He says it came in a box of Purina Catnip.  It got lost before.  TBT found it after some many years unner the basement stairs behind some ceiling tiles before Tinker went away and it was old then.  And it got lost again when Skeeter and LC played with it.  But it is back!

6.  Pinky Mouse!  No rattleys, no Nip, just soft bitable stuffed cloth.  We remember Pinky Mouse, but he was gone for SO long.

And the best thing?  They were all in a little container stuffed with NIP!  They all smell like Nip!

We were losing our minds all day playing with them.

Thank you Sandy Claws, that gift of gifts from the past was the BEST!  However did you find them in yer brief visit here?  We are so amazed and SO thankful. 

This is one of the best Chrissymouses EVER!