Friday, February 17, 2017

Easy Like Sunday Not!

This is what Neilsen Media Research did to me recently...

We asked them why and have gotten no reply.  We don't want our stats faked.  And we think they got info they should pay for.

I think we should bill them.  In fact, TBT made an invoice.  Dare we send it?

Oops, we got this sent on the wrong day. Please forgive us.


  1. Is this a record of the number of visits to the blog each day?

    And you think the numbers for February 10-12 are fake?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Those are mostly visits by Neilsen Media for unknown reasons. We have had a dozen or so on a day from Google, but never anything like this! We asked Neilsen what their interest was, but they have not replied.

  3. *That* Is quite weird indeed...we would feel snooped and spied upon.

  4. Oh yea, we say send the invoice!


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