Friday, March 31, 2017


To Our Dear Friends -

We are pleased to announce that We Are Back and Functioning Finally!  After a MISERABLE month of trying to switch to a PC and then going back to a new and better Mac AND being kicked off our 3rd party Mac mail when Verizon dumped us onto AOL mail, TBT finally got us back working "normally" again.  He must have spent abot 40 hours last month on the telephone with computer companies last month (and he says THANK COD for headphones and wine) before he got it all straightened out Friday!

And then our foods arrived all broken and were replaced, the new bad M/W was replaced

It was (he says) never the Mac's fault.  It was 9 years old and needed upgrading anyway.  The problem was Verizon deciding it didn't love us enough to provide email to us anymore and that really messed us up.  He had to sign in, read, sign out, sign in to another accxount, read, sign out, sign in to the 3rd account, read, and sign out EVERY time.  He was driven nearly to distraction and it was affecting all of us.

Now all he needs ta do is get used to the changes to iPhoto!

He was so happy, he slept 14 HOURS...  Is that catly or WHAT?  And we helped.  We spent the whole time purring on him without asking for food once.  And did he ever feed us after!  Our tummies were packed all day!

And we are even all having STEAK tonight!  

We wonder if he remembers he needs ta do his taxes...?


  1. That was quite the ordeal but it must feel good to be back to Mac normal!

  2. Yikes....that sounds awful. We're glad things are getting better.

    Yay for full tummies....ick on taxes.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Oh no, why did you have to add the bad T word at the end?

  4. You should help him get all the paperwork ready for taxes!

  5. what an ordeal! we're glad everything is sorted now. uggh...our mom has to do her tax stuffs too yet...

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto

  6. I am glad that TBT has got everything sorted out and can relax now.

  7. Well, that is a nightmare anyone would be happy to wake from. What a mess! We hope you can get your mail now.

  8. Yay for coming back to normal, and yay for getting food ! Purrs

  9. More wine...and celebrate!

  10. If he can get through that mire and hassle of computer woes, then taxes should be easy peasy! Well, we sure hope they will be. Ours seem to get more and more complicated each year. UGH.

    Hooray for getting it all worked out, and food galore to boot! Steak??? MMMM!


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