Saturday, April 08, 2017

Caturday Saturday - My Windersill

AYLA:  This is one of my favrit places to be.  Iza cant get up on it.  Marley CAN, but it is narrow and sometimes he falls, so he doesnt try very often.  So I have peace and quiet.

It looks out into the backyard, so I can watch Birdie TV and chitter at the Evil Skwerls.  I can watch TBT out there too.  And it is the side the sun comes in, so I get nice and warm.
 The sharp wall corner is good fer rubbin against.
And it is purrfect fer stretchin!


  1. That does look like the perfect spot for you.

  2. That looks like a very good spot to have all to yourself. Thank you for the kibble. I had fun hunting it out.

  3. It's impawtant to have a special, safe place all your own.

  4. What a fabulous personal space, Ayla. Enjoy.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. That sure is a nice spot to watch just about anything!!!!

  6. Mum gives me windowsill perches to sit on. If she ever would build a house from scratch, wide windowsills for kitties.

  7. Don't you love spots that are yours and yours alone? I wish I had that - I have to go to a hotel with my human to have my own spots.

  8. We wish we even had wide windowsills at all! So we have to make do with kitty condos in front of our windows.

    Enjoy your windowsill time, Ayla!


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