Friday, June 30, 2017

Freaky Friday

MARLEY:  TBT processes our pictures.  Well, it IS too complicated fer US.  And he does weerd things to them.  Cropping, Straightening, Definition, Enhancing, Shrinking, and a few terms I dont even know.  But they come out well enough.

But there was one he liked fer US but he didnt like cuz there was a plant in the picture that wasnt all that healthy, so he tried to get rid of it by using "Retouch".  That one blanks out a spot and blends the colors so it doesn't really show up.  It is meant for  small area (the symbol for retouch is a bandage).

But he did a large area and was shocked at the results!  OK, let me say that the plant is fine, just has a lot of leafs dead after the Winter and Spring being inside the house.  But it was looking ugly and we dont like to show ugly plants.

So he "retouched" a really large area.  Oh the poor software; it didnt know what ta DO with all that emptied space. The original looked something like this one.  See the ugly plant?
But when he deleted the ugly plant with "retouch", it grabbed most of the remaining picture and copied it!
And THEN when he retouched that part a 2nd time, it copied the remaining part of the picture even better!  
Now THERE is an effect your Beins who love artsy stuff can try!  No Photoshop or anything deliberate, just a Freaky Friday accident with innerestin results...

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

AYLA:  I'm doing the Garden Tour this week.  Its not that I am competing with Iza (*koff, koff*) but I want my turn doing it, ya know?  So lets tour the yard...
The daylilies are blooming nicely!  We have several differnt colors.  Butter yellow...
And this wunnerful of a color I cant really name.  "Orangey-Brick"?  "Rouge"?   "Carnelian"?  Annyway, we LOVE this one!
THe meadow garden has mostly shown Brown-Eyed Susans and Blanket flowers, but some Queen Annes Lace is blooming now.  The insects LOVE that.
And the Hummingbird.Butterfly/Bee bed is showing a few more flowers everday.  I dont know their names, I just admire them.  Pale lavender...
 Powder blue...
Hot burgundy...
And lets back up a bit to see the whole meadow bed on the conveniently-placed stepladder for the high view.  Iffen ya dont like ladders, TBT is along ta lift ya up fer the view.  Iffen ya dont like THAT, yer outta luck.
And back on ground-level (whew), the Astilbes are blooming.  The flowers will get bigger soon, but are pretty good now.
And last but NOT least is our NIP bed.  It is big and getting bigger! 
But really, can there be TOO MUCH NIP?  We dont think so!

Now, lets settle in the shade under the Saucer Magnolia tree.  Iza and Marley have chosen the snacks today.  And it is ...  Poached Turkey Thigh cubes,  soft Salmon treats, and Niptinis!  Good choices (I suspect TBT had something to do with it this time as Iza and Marley think of food as just "food", while TBT and I think in terms of combinations of flavors and textures to be savored.

Well, thanks so much for coming along on MY Garden Tour this week!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  After Ayla bragged about how PURRFECT this deer mat suited her colors monday I decided to show that it matched MINE even better. 

But I had trouble getting settled on it right, an by the time TBT said he was gonna take a picture or LEAVE, I had it on TOP of me...
I decided that was "good enough".  
And promptly fell asleep!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Terrible Tuesday

THIS is all that was in our can of food this morning when TBT opened it!  Can you IMAGINE?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Matching

AYLA:   I love all our cat mats, but this one is really purrfect for ME!
I mean, its tan and chocolate just like ME!
And of course, ALL THINGS should be suitable to ME!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Easy Like Sunday

IZA:  First, I WAS sniffing for something unner that pot yesserday.  It was either a skink or a toad.  All those dry cold-blooded insect-eating things smell about the same.  But it wouldnt come out and I couldnt move the pot!

Today, we are taking it EASY after First Lunch on TBTs lap while he sat down briefly ta watch some TV people arguing about something or other (as usual). 
So he watches THAT an Marley an I curl up together.  
The lap dint last long, but it will be back this evening right after dinner...

Friday, June 23, 2017

Freaky Friday

Or "Mirror, Mirror"

AYLA:  I sat sat down at the deck door today and suddenly saw my reflection.  Which is not what I usually see in the deck door.  I usually see THROUGH it.  So that was strange.

But even stranger was that I saw myself as IZA!  Now THAT gave me some pause.  I was pretty sure I was Ayla, but the reflection was Iza.  So, was I Ayla mebbe NIPPY or Dreaming just seeing myself as Iza, or was I Iza NIPPY or Dreaming I was Ayla?

Whichever one I was, I couldnt figure out how to decide.  I mean, both NIP and Dreams can do funny things...

Then TBT opened the deck door and my reflection stood up and walked inside. 

Whew, that was a close call! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks Garden Tour.  Marley says he is gonna follow us around, too...
Today there are some new flowers.  There are the first ones from the hummingbird/butterfly/bee garden.
I hope there will be lots more like these...
 They are pretty colorful!
The sunflowers werent part of the seed mix, TBT added those as seedlings a few weeks ago.  They grew fast!
Elsewhere, the Stokes Asters are blooming nicely.  They are really good plants.  They shade out the weeds.
Iffen ya see one of these guys, dont be scared.  They are small an harmless an eat slugs.
In fact, they flee from us.  This one fled into a hole in the ground.  Do you see a hole?  Neither did I.  TBT even pulled up the grass looking for the hole.  We arent sure quite how it disappeared like that.
Now, since it is kinna dry and hot today, lets have some simple snacks up on the shady deck.  Ayla has chosen kibble-treats, cheese bits, and Meowgaritas with some ice ta play with.

Thanks fer comin along on this weeks tour!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Womancat Wensday

IZA:  I like ta sleep unner the covers at night.  Completely unner the covers.
 In the morning, after TBT gets up, I stick my head out ta decide whether ta get up or not.
I havent heard anny cans opened yet, so I think I'll wait a bit...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tummy Tuesday

MARLEY:  TBT has been totally slacking with the camera the past few days, so he asked me to pick a few from past.  So today is TTTT (Tummy Tuesday Throwback Tuesday). 

I love my white tummy.
The curly paws are allus a winner.
But sometimes I just have ta get up...
Ta show off my best "winsome" look.  Is it dinnertime yet?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Box Day

Happy Box Day!  This year it is "Forward, Into The Past"!

Our special Box Day box...  TBT made it for us just for this special day (some years ago).

We all enjoyed it in years past.
Though Iza loves her "Twisted" box a lot.  She hasnt caught on to the joke yet...
We like the Special one.
Iza loves anny box.
Ayla is cautious around boxes.  Mebbe that's cuz Iza hides in them and ambush-whacks...

And, in honor of Box Day, we just have to repeat this from a couple days ago...
Image result for lots of boxes

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

The Mews:

TBT says he doesnt really think of hisself as our "Dad".  He says we are all equal members of the house.  He says he just happens ta be the one of us who keeps things organized, makes sure the house werks, feeds us, keeps things clean, watches over us outside, takes us to the Dr when we have problems, entertains us, stops our little hissy-fusses, etc.

And he is right, that is both Mom AND Dad stuff.  But he is a guy Bein, so we think of him as "Dad".  And he cant change what WE think!

So Happy Father's Day TBT!
So we are gonna try ta be extra good today and no cause anny troubles. 

And a Happy Father's Day to all you Human and Cat Dad's out there!

Saturday, June 17, 2017


AYLA:  I'm 10 today!  The first double digit year of my life.  Iza an Marley are very jealus.  That deserves a pawty.

TBT says we can do this up grand.  Special foods and drinks and games!  So he asked me what I wanted.  MOL, was he surprised!

It must be unusual, odd, and surprising...

There will be fresh milk!
Image result for cat milking a cow
There will be fresh meat!
Image result for lion on zebra
There will be Special Purple NIP!
Image result for fields of catnip There will be boxes!
Image result for lots of boxes
And lots of fancy paper bags!
Image result for lots of paper bags

 There will be catch-yer-own-chicken-dinner in the backyard...
Image result for flock of chickens
And catch-yer-own-mouse upstairs in the tub...
Image result for mice in bathtub
And there are huge DRINKS!
Image result for huge drinks

 Image result for bacon
 Fishing Contests!  You cant lose here...
 Image result for goldfish tank
And finally...

You get to honor ME, The Birfday Womancat...
 What more could you ask for?

The Pawty starts