Thursday, June 22, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to this weeks Garden Tour.  Marley says he is gonna follow us around, too...
Today there are some new flowers.  There are the first ones from the hummingbird/butterfly/bee garden.
I hope there will be lots more like these...
 They are pretty colorful!
The sunflowers werent part of the seed mix, TBT added those as seedlings a few weeks ago.  They grew fast!
Elsewhere, the Stokes Asters are blooming nicely.  They are really good plants.  They shade out the weeds.
Iffen ya see one of these guys, dont be scared.  They are small an harmless an eat slugs.
In fact, they flee from us.  This one fled into a hole in the ground.  Do you see a hole?  Neither did I.  TBT even pulled up the grass looking for the hole.  We arent sure quite how it disappeared like that.
Now, since it is kinna dry and hot today, lets have some simple snacks up on the shady deck.  Ayla has chosen kibble-treats, cheese bits, and Meowgaritas with some ice ta play with.

Thanks fer comin along on this weeks tour!


  1. Very nice flowers, Iza! We wish we had a yard full of flowers.

  2. Your garden is looking good! And how awesome you have garter snakes to help with the pest control. My human kept a few as pets as a child.

  3. Such lovely flowers!! Now let's kick back with a Meowgarita.

  4. Oooooh - c'mon Iza. You know the rules. Snake pics are meant to come with a big warning!

    Sydney, Australia

  5. Beautiful flowers. I emailed your Dad about a garden photo contest that he should enter.
    I hope I don't dream about snakes, even the small ones scare me.

  6. Mom Paula wants to know if TBT will come down to SC and plant a beautiful flower garden at our house.

    Don't forget to send us your photos to be included in the 2018 calendar.

  7. That's a real snake in the grass!

  8. Those are some pretty flowers. We haven't seen any snakes around here.

  9. Those flowers are very bright and pretty. We have been getting snakes coming into the garden with the hot weather. They are mostly harmless grass snakes, but the hotter weather brings out the adders too which are poisonous. Flynn used to give me a fit when he would catch them and bring to show me.
    He was lucky to never get bitten, but I imagine that instinct told him the right way to safely get them.

  10. Dry, we love the idea of dry. We have gotten so much rain we think it is killing some of our plants.

    We need that snake for our strawberries to eat the slugs before the slugs eat the strawberries.

  11. I love the tour. I look forward to all of them when you all take us out for a look. Mom said she wishes she could find sunflower seeds! The ones you just buy in the grocery don't work...she bought a packet in the garden section and nothing happened. She wants sunflowers a LOT!

  12. Wow, those sunflower sure got tall in a hurry!

    Your blooms are so pretty.

    Petcretary likes seeing garden snakes too...and sometimes blue or black racers. They eat lots of pests that we don't want. She sometimes has to rescue them from dog-guy who thinks he has to rid the yard of them...that is what terriers do...sigh...
    Snakes we see around here do not scare her, but lets us not discuss spiders...MOL!


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