Monday, July 31, 2017

My Turn In The Box

AYLA:  Well I finally got a turn in the box.  Marley and Iza were outside so that made it REAL easy!
I enjoyed sitting there.  But since there wasn't annykitty ta sit in there FROM, it wasnt all that eciting...
And Im not much of a box kitty annyway...  I prefer more UP than DOWN.
But Im determined to occupy it while I can!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Caturday Saturday

IZA:  Im watchin TBT eat dinner.
 He usually offers me some.  Not tonight...  So he is gettin the Stinkeye!
But I better stop.  Maybe he was ABOUT to and I got him upset.   Mebbe I misjudged the time when he shares best.  I mean, he HAD just fed us...
But mebbe he didnt see my stinkeye cuz he gave me bits of steak right after.  Or mebbe cuz I DID!  BAST, this gets tricky!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Freaky Friday

IZA:  TBT was doing some painting and I wanted to help.  But I ended up unner the dropcloth.  Well, it DID protect me from paint drips...
Dont worry, he dint let me stay unner there longer than ta take a picture.  And *I* know not ta sit in plastic stuff myself.  

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Towelly Togetherness

AYLA:  Iza and I took a quick look around the yard today and agreed evrything looked about the same as last week.  So we are skipping the garden tour and spending the day inside...
 Together?  Yeah it happens...
 The towels were warm from the drier.
 We can both put up with a LOT when there are warm towels involved!
 But we are both still secretly hoping the other will decide ta go nap somewhere else...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

New Box

MARLEY:  I really love new boxes.  Even when it is exactly the same size as a previous one.  Well, it has that "New Box smell", ya know?
No, Im not kissing Iza!  We were AT LEAST an inch apart.  She was just asking if she could get in there.    I said "no"...
Does there LOOK like there is room in here for both of us?  
When Im done here, THEN she can get in.  Not a second before.  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:   Im showin off my beauty marks today.  I like the nosie one and the mustache one a lot.
Of course, I like my black cheek mark best.  But the really long eye tear is good!
And then, on the other side, I have these long eye tear marks and the odd one off the side of my nosie.  And there is that nice stripe down the back of my head. 
I cant usually see those myself, so pictures are good for me too.  TBT says he holds me up to a mirror sometimes, but I mostly just ignore the mirror kitty.  I cant smell him so he doesnt really exist. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Easy Like Sunday Not

AYLA:  We get fed plenty.  But sometimes TBTs plate is just SO good-smelly, we want ta lick it clean annyway.  And we have habits.  Iza licks up and down, Marley licks side to side.
The pattern breaks down as there is less and less ta lick. I finally got MY turn...  I may be smaller, but I have some tricks.  One is ta get on the side of Marley.  He moves over and pushes Iza off.  Heh, heh, heh...

She is NOT thrilled.
And leaves...
Then I make a sudden move on Marley ta get the last licks.
Well, they got the first.  I SHOULD get the last!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Caturday Saturday

Who is this Hangover Kitty?
 AYLA:  Me.  Not "me of course".   Just me.  We all do it sometimes.  When TBT changed the angle, the flashy flashed, flashily. 
TBT can MAKE the flashy werk with some settings, but every time he turns the camera on, it defaults to "auto" and no one ever knows what it will decide ta do then...

BTW, notice the several amazingly long whiskers (2 left chin and 1 eyebrow).  TBT is REALLY hoping ta find those when they fall out!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Answers To Comments

We haven't done this in too long.  We kept meaning too, but...

Garden Tour Thursday:

Brian said:  " I'll bet those flowers smell lots better than a groundhog!:

Oh no , the groundhog smells WAY more inneresting to us. Marley wants to catch it, but we are all hoping he doesn't.  It is bigger that he is.  Sure, we all think we are leopards, but we're not.

Megan said:  "Ah, um - I'll skip on the snacks, if that's okay."  

No, you visit, you snack!  But TBT says he will cook the shrimps and without Nip just for you, and offer beer or wine, or a Mintini.

Bird TV: 

The Bird TV Channel got real active after I posted.  I watched Cardinals, Goldfinches, Purple Finches, and various small snacks wrens and such flitting about too.  ~ AYLA

Tummy Tuesday:

Various friends mentioned my poetical nature regarding sun and starlight.  I thank you.  Ayla and Marley make fun of me sometimes, but I think deeply.  TBT and I even discuss science sometimes while I am sitting on his lap.  I enjoy that.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments ~ IZA

Mancat Monday:

Many mentioned also sleeping unner the covers.  But had to smile most about The Meezers saying they "like to get unner the covers and bite the mom".  We don't do THAT, but 2 of us have a habit of snuggling up to TBT with our claws relaxed 1/2 out.  ~ AYLA and IZA

Easy Like Sunday:

We mentioned TBT let us out early cuz it might rain.  It dint rain.

Meezer Mews said "Dry deck underfoot is way better than a wet one!"

It sure is!  And even better is the carpet pathway to the deck stairs.  Our new composite deck gets HOT.  TBT set down outdoor carpet on the edges so we can move around unpawhotly. to the best shady spots to watch the Birdies and Evil Skwerls.

Caturday Saturday:

Iza here...  I mentioned how close I like to stay to TBT.  It is hard to express HOW close I stay.  I am "Underfoot Cat".  My favorite song is "Close To You".   When he sits in a chair, the arm of the chair is "too far away".  And I mentioning loving both TBT and Spitty (in different ways).

Megan said:  "They sure are: only one of 'em has thumbs for opening cans of stinky goodness".  Yes, but they are very different loves.  I can manage 2.

Summer said:  "my human thinks I would go off with any human who was nice to me".  I understand that, we all want the best lives.  But I'm pretty sure TBT is the best for me now.

Katie Isabella said:  "That Spitty sure keeps us interested!"  He sure does.  And I mean to keep him interested in me.  I think an adventure is in order.  And I love YOU, other Spitty interest!

Enough for this time...  :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Garden Tour Thursday

IZA:  Welcome to Garden Tour Thursday.  Today is a bit hot, so we are staying on the deck today.  But first, lets roll around on the sunny spot.  TBT put a big pot right next to the deck door cuz it is good ta have some cover when ya first consider going outside.  Ya allus want ta look around first fer Dangers.  Grouchy Groundhogs, Vishus Deer,  Rabid Rabbits, right?

But it is safe, so let's roll around on the sunny mat.
Ahhhhh, yeah, thats good!
See 90F, I told ya it was hot!  But the pot plants love it.  They have grown so suddenly!
Just a few weeks ago, the red Salvias were small and flowerless.  
The Marigolds came 4 per little cheap black pot, so TBT bought 3, took them out of the pots and cut them separate.  So there were 12 and he planted 3 per big new pot with 3 small Salvias between them.   They went CRAZY!
Mr Colossus Marigold is living up to his name.  And he is a volunteer from last year in that pot!  I've told TBT ta remove the other little plants as they seen overwhelmed.  He says he will make 2 more hanging baskets just for them and some petunias he just bought real cheap.  More is good.  Cheap is good.   In fact the petunias were rescues from a local store.  Nearly dead.  But they are flowering again already. 
Hop up on the deck rails.  OK, for you less experienced kitties, the chair nearby lets ya get up easy and the top rails are 8" wide.  I nap on them...  
Each one is a bit differnt.
I'm not sure where this Yellow Zinnia came from.  Mebbe another volunteer.
Now, I think we will go simple on the snacks today.  It's not like we were running around the whole yard, and ya dont want complicated stuff on a hot day annyway.  So today we have some duck pate,  some salmon kibbles ta crunch on, and cool clean water with ice cubes in the bowls ta nose around...

Thank you so much fer comin along on the Garden Tour today!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wensday Morning 7AM

MARLEY:  Good Morning, Sunshine...

I can hear the soft breathing
Of TBT beside me,
As I lie on my platform
In the early sunlight,
The morning sun on me
Warms up my tummy,
As I ready myself
For the day to begin.
For I know with the smell
Of the stinky goodness breakfast
I must be away and
The day's joys will start!
For a spoonful of Tuna
And a few more of Beef,
I've woken and
And stretched myself awake...
Oh, what have I done,
Why have I done it?
I've gotten up early,
I have broken my rule...
Now I must run down the hallway,
Into the kitchen,
Before Ayla and Iza eat it all
I'll be there.
Then out to the backyard,
Where theyre waiting
The Mousies, Moles,
And Volies will be there,

Waiting for Me find them. 
And when we meet
They won't have
Woes or Cares...


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Counting Kitties Tuesday

Hello, Count von Count* here: 
Count von Count kneeling.png
Today we are counting kitties.  1 kitty...
 Another 1 kitty...
Another 1 kitty...
See?  A single kitty is "1".

But sometimes there is more than "1" kitty.  If there is 1 kitty and another 1 kitty, you have "2" kitties!  2 kitties...
And if there are more than 2 kitties, you can have 1+1+1 kitties which is "3" kitties...  3 kitties!
 Do you see the 3rd kittie?  Vonderful!  Now you can count "1, 2, 3..."!  Maybe some day you will grow up to be am acCOUNTant like me...

* Image used without permission, but hopefully "in fair use" for humor...