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Friday, July 21, 2017

Answers To Comments

We haven't done this in too long.  We kept meaning too, but...

Garden Tour Thursday:

Brian said:  " I'll bet those flowers smell lots better than a groundhog!:

Oh no , the groundhog smells WAY more inneresting to us. Marley wants to catch it, but we are all hoping he doesn't.  It is bigger that he is.  Sure, we all think we are leopards, but we're not.

Megan said:  "Ah, um - I'll skip on the snacks, if that's okay."  

No, you visit, you snack!  But TBT says he will cook the shrimps and without Nip just for you, and offer beer or wine, or a Mintini.

Bird TV: 

The Bird TV Channel got real active after I posted.  I watched Cardinals, Goldfinches, Purple Finches, and various small snacks wrens and such flitting about too.  ~ AYLA

Tummy Tuesday:

Various friends mentioned my poetical nature regarding sun and starlight.  I thank you.  Ayla and Marley make fun of me sometimes, but I think deeply.  TBT and I even discuss science sometimes while I am sitting on his lap.  I enjoy that.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments ~ IZA

Mancat Monday:

Many mentioned also sleeping unner the covers.  But had to smile most about The Meezers saying they "like to get unner the covers and bite the mom".  We don't do THAT, but 2 of us have a habit of snuggling up to TBT with our claws relaxed 1/2 out.  ~ AYLA and IZA

Easy Like Sunday:

We mentioned TBT let us out early cuz it might rain.  It dint rain.

Meezer Mews said "Dry deck underfoot is way better than a wet one!"

It sure is!  And even better is the carpet pathway to the deck stairs.  Our new composite deck gets HOT.  TBT set down outdoor carpet on the edges so we can move around unpawhotly. to the best shady spots to watch the Birdies and Evil Skwerls.

Caturday Saturday:

Iza here...  I mentioned how close I like to stay to TBT.  It is hard to express HOW close I stay.  I am "Underfoot Cat".  My favorite song is "Close To You".   When he sits in a chair, the arm of the chair is "too far away".  And I mentioning loving both TBT and Spitty (in different ways).

Megan said:  "They sure are: only one of 'em has thumbs for opening cans of stinky goodness".  Yes, but they are very different loves.  I can manage 2.

Summer said:  "my human thinks I would go off with any human who was nice to me".  I understand that, we all want the best lives.  But I'm pretty sure TBT is the best for me now.

Katie Isabella said:  "That Spitty sure keeps us interested!"  He sure does.  And I mean to keep him interested in me.  I think an adventure is in order.  And I love YOU, other Spitty interest!

Enough for this time...  :)


  1. Hey guys, I've just checked The Book of Rules, and no where does it say: "You visit, you snack" - nowhere! Besides, I need to be careful of snacking if I'm to preserve my figure (LOL to the max!) I can't see any reason why you would want to insist on my snacking.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I love hearing your replies to comments - I get to learn even more about all of you!

  3. Those were fun! Y'all have a fun evening!!!

  4. I like it when you give answers to the comments. I had intended to do that every couple of weeks for Flynn, but I only ended up doing it twice. Typical of me to leave it too late!

  5. Those were fun answers :)

  6. Its great how you pay heed to what we say in our comments...petcrtary reads ours and loves them...but she sometimes does not reply till eons later...
    She says its more impawrtant for us to leave our paw prints on other blogs first:)

  7. I love the answers to the comments. And now I have to say, Spitty is a toothsome object of interest to us. I'll bet he took lessons from Neillie Bellie and would not make a choice if we asked him to. He is all about free love. XX


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