Saturday, August 26, 2017

11th Blogiversary

Its our 11TH BLOGIVERSARY today.  Well, maybe.  TBT says the very first post on Aug 25, 2006 dint quite post right, but did get posted Aug 26th but with the 25th date on it.  So this year we are celebrating today.

HERE is the 1st post... 

We decided that we would show the earliest picture TBT had of each of us...

So we have an early picture of Skeeter.  That remote is only 6" long... 
And LC on one of her first days...  She was a skinny kitty then.

And of us...  Ayla as a kitten...
Iza was not so happy about being here at first. She hid unner the bed fer a few days.  This was her 3rd house in about 6 months (born in one, bought as a Queen by another, then here).  She was probably wondering if this one was her real home.  Well, yes, it is.

Marley was right out there though...
He came right out and went to work calming the house.  Some cats know their purpose in life, and Marley is one of them.  When there is a hiss between Ayla an Iza, Marley moves right in between them to keep the peace.  And if the doorbell rings, Marley moves right to the top of the stairs and growls.  Peacekeeper and guardian both.

It is hard to believe it has been 11 years...


  1. Wow, happy blogoversary! My human remembers when Marley came home, but that's as far back as she (and Sparkle) go with your blog.

  2. Concatulations on this spectacular accomplishment! And what a treat you gave us, with all of these adorable pictures. What a bunch of cuties!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful memory photos ... and many paws up for being with us and for sharing so much for the past 11 years. Your blog is always a delight to visit (and we are also happy to have met you in "purrson" once upon a time!!!).
    Congratulations, Mark ... hope you all are with us for many years to come!

  4. Congratulations on 11 years of blogging! I wish I had known of blogs back then to follow all that time, I am glad I do now though. You are all sweeties. XO

  5. Happy Blogoversary ! And concatulations on your 11 years blogging, wow ! We wish you many many more to come ! Purrs

  6. Happy Blogoversary! Eleven years is a long time!

  7. Happy Blogoversary from all of us! We enjoyed each and every one of those photos!

  8. Happy blogoversary, kids! We enjoyed the baby pics! Time sure does fly with cats, doesn't it?

  9. concats on your blogoversary! eleven years is a pawsome milestone!

    pip, smidgen, minnie, hollie, sharpie, ditto, TL

  10. Happy 11th blogoversary and many more! The baby photos are adorable.

  11. Happy Blogoversary - and many more ! Nice tolearn a bit f the backstory of your furbabies.

  12. Happy 11th(wow!)Blogiversary!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane...

    Noodle and crew

  13. A fantastic achievement - 11 years of creative, fun, philosophical, whimsical, thoughtful blogging is something that you should all be very very proud of.

    Sydney, Australia

  14. Happy Blogoversary! What great memories! We think we started blogging right around the time Skeeter went to the Bridge.

  15. Happy Blogoversary. Love seeing your little selves.

  16. Happy anniversary! We luff the pics too. And really, where DOES the time go?

  17. Happy Blogoversary. You are all looking wonderful and I bet you are so proud to be still here.

    * Special Paw Hugs * from us here.

  18. Parabéns pelos 11 anos de blog!
    Adorei as fotos.

  19. Oh! Wowee!
    Happy Belated mews and concats on your 11th blogoversary! That is amazing!

    Your 'first' pictures are great to have as eternal memories:)
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Pipo says he thinks he looked a bit like you back in the day. Poor Iza with those scared kitty, saucer eyes:(

    Glad she knows by know she is a beloved purrmanent part of your furmily...and love is furevfur!

  20. I'm sorry I missed your blogoversary! 11 years! That's awesome!! Congratulations!

    Love all the 'first' pictures!
    How funny that Marley growls at the doorbell! So does Leo, even if it's a doorbell on TV! UPS and FEDEX guys get growls too, but substitute mailmen get the hiss of death! MOL (the regular mailman gets nothing)


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