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Monday, August 14, 2017

Answers To Comments

Once again, we answer some questions in your comments!

1.  Yesserday, we mentioned that we get more food when TBT stays up all night.  Megan asked "How does that work? If he's asleep, how can you get more foods?

Because it is nightime when he is awake.  In daytime, he is outside a lot and it is hard ta bother him.  It is either noisy equipment (and we are shut inside) or digging stuff we stay away from.  So we have to wait until he comes inside and he is all worn out an sits in a chair.  But when he is on the computer at night, we can walk all around him meowing fer food.  And we get it!

2.  Saturday, I was hiding in a box hoping for a pounce opportunity.

The Menagerie Mom asked "Oh, setting up an ambush can be so fun! You didn't have to wait long, did you, Ayla?'  Katie Isabella asked "Did some kitty come by?"

It was a total fail.  Marley and Iza were sleeping in the bedroom.  So TBT tossed in a milk ring, and I whapped that around fer a while. That helped...

3.  Freaky Friday was "A View From The Lap".  That got a lot of questions about where the treats were.

A.  Summer asked "But... where are the cat treats"?  Lone Star Cats dittoed that.  As did the Meezer Mews.  As did The Florida Furkids.

Well, when TBT sits down to dinner at the TV tray, he usually brings a couple dozen kibbles in a small bowl.  He tosses them around the room as he eats.  We LOVE chasing them as they bounce around oddly.  Sometimes, if we have just been fed Stinky Goodness, he tosses toys around instead.  But when he is done eating, the kibbles or toys are all gone.

B.  15&Meowing asked "What happened to Thursday's garden tour"?

Everything looked the same as last week, and we slept late.  So we skipped it.

4.  Womancat Wensday was about traffic on the deck rails.

A.  Mr Puddy said "Me think you are very smart to turn your face away while waiting for her to move.  Just in case.... Silent but violent".

Yeh, Iza farts.  We call them "SBDs (Silent But Deadly)".   You should hear her at night, her tummy rumbles and squeaks.  She doesn't hold her food well either (but weighs 10 pounds).  The vet can't find the problem.  He says her tummy is normal size, no blockages, no allergies, and TBT can't find a connection to any flavor or brand of food.  And we only get non-grain, non by-product Stinky Goodness.

B.  Others said to tap her back legs or push her out of the way.

Please, I (Ayla) am 6 lbs and Iza is 10.  And she is build like a brick!  I might as well try to actally shove a real brick...  The Vet allus says "Jeez, she is heavier than she looks".  Apparently, that is a Tonkie "thing".  LC was like that too, but a tuxie cobby cat.

C.  Meezer Mews said "Oh, dear, maybe TBT needs to widen that 'road' to more than one lane."

I (Alya) asked about that  and TBT said he wasn't going to put 18" wide tops on the deck rails.  He said wasps would love that for building nests under.  OK, I don't love wasps a whole lot.  So I just jump over her most of the time!  I might get a slight whap on the butt, but she keeps her claws in.  TBT says it is symbolic.


We love questions, keep them coming!


Mr Puddy said...

MOL... Worst than I thought > SBDs (Silent But Deadly)
At least, she gives you a warning ! ' tummy rumbles and squeaks' Ha..Ha..Ha

Megan said...

And we love your answers. Thanks for the added detail. I found your response to my enquiry about getting more foods at night time interesting and would never have thought of it myself.

Sydney, Australia

Summer at said...

That is so cool that you answer so many of our questions!

Laila and Angel Minchie said...

Great answers to some great questions! We especially love the one about the treats being tossed while TBT eats. We got to talk to our mom about that one!

Meezer's Mews & Terrieristical Woofs said...

Hey, those are great responses to all of our queries!
No, we had not thought about wasps...but no way do we need anymore of those naughty things...

Brian said...

We enjoy reading answers to the questions too!

pilch92 said...

Thank you for answering my question. I enjoyed all the answers. I had no idea Iza was so much heavier than Ayla.

Katie Isabella said...

Thoroughly enjoyable...especially when MY question gets answered too,

The Menagerie Mom said...

You kitties are so kind to answer our questions! We were especially excited to see our question answered (though we are sorry the ambush didn't quite go as planned, Ayla). Now, are you of the school of thought that there are no stupid questions? We just want to make sure...

Catio Tales said...

We love these answer posts. And we are taking notes - about the kibble when TBT is eating - a most excellent idea to get more for us! Thank you!

catladymac said...

Great questions & great answers ! But I most enjoyed TBT's collection of "All About" books ! What a great series that was - I've collected quite a few myself - starting with "All About Dinosaurs" when I was about in third grade !