Sunday, August 27, 2017

Easy Like Sunday

We normally get five 5.5 ounce cans of food per day.  It keeps us right at the weights we feel best at (Marley 12.5 pounds, Iza 10 pounds, Ayla 6 pounds).  But sometimes we get real active outside and want a little more.  So when TBT set out some new Rabbit food, we got greedy.
We competed for "last licks".
Ayla, had her own bowl in the bedroom as usual.

Dont worry, as soon as TBT saw that, he set out more (of a differnt flavor - we never get the same twice a day).

Oh, we should explain that.  TBT thinks (and we agree) that variety is good.  So we normally have the 5 cans and they are chicken, tuna, veal, turkey, and beef.  Rabbit would be a good regular addition. 

We still complain that no one seems to offer "mouse" or "sparrow".  TBT says we can catch our own mousies (and do) and that sparrows are hard to raise in cans.  OK...


  1. My human is pretty random about what she feeds us too (the only thing she is not random about is the quality of the food)... but I think TBT even has her beat on that!

  2. How about vishus deer flavour? or voles? There are lots of options yet to be 'invented' by the people who manufacture pusscat food. Perhaps you send them a memo?

    Sydney, Australia

  3. My mom does that too. Keeps the flavors rotating from day to day so I don't get tired of any of them. I DO have my favorites though.

  4. That must have been some really good food! Our mom rotates our flavors every day too...she doesn't want us to get bored.

  5. We change it up sometimes too but sometimes we request whatever the choice wasn't!

  6. Looks like you really enjoyed that flavour. Rabbit was the one flavour neither Eric or Flynn would eat. Maybe because they preferred it fresh!

  7. Aqui também temos sabores variados durante a semana.

  8. I think rotating is good so you don't get bored with one flavor.

  9. Yeah, mum switches up my wet foods too. So I don't get too picky and only want one type of food.

  10. Its hard to rotate here, because at furst Minko was the only one getting wet noms,and he only tolerated one brand and one that is what Pipo was getting...but then *he* started having skin issues and the runs so he only gets wet noms of any kind as a treat. No-one could figure out what he was reacting to, so since he seems to do well on kibbles, he gets those - an expensive grain free, low glycemic brand; mail ordered from Chewy! Minko loved those boxes...Pipo is not the biggest box fan, MOL!

    You kitties sure were intent on getting all the bits of tasty-ness from that plate:!


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