Friday, August 18, 2017

Freaky Friday

TBT here:  I just can't clip the Mews' claws.  I didn't get them accustomed to it as kittens.  They fight too much now.  It takes 2 people.  I thought they wore down their claws enough running arounf outside and using the sisal rope on the cat trees inside. 

I had the vet do it at their annual visit, but apparently, that wasn't often enough.  It didn't seem to be a problem in years past, but their claws are longer and sharper as they grow older.

The vet was charging $30 per cat, and it seemed he was a bit harsh about it.  So last week, I looked at PetCo services online because I noticed they had a pet-grooming service.  The cost was $10 per cat and I figured they must be very experienced at clipping claws gently. 

So I stopped by on my way to grocery shopping  last week.  I mentioned the website cost and hours, and mentioned just having the front claws clipped a bit because the Mews were literally sticking to the bed blankets, my clothes, and my skin.  Sometimes I had to actively disengage Ayla from the blankets when she got fish-hooked in them. 

I was also asking about their least busy times because they encouraged "walk-ins".  The lady there said Tuesday morning were least busy.  I asked that because it is hard to get the Mews into carriers on a schedule.  Sometimes it takes only a few minutes; sometimes an hour!

I specifically mentioned CATS.  I reiterated cost per CAT.  I talked to the lady about my CATS.

So I brought Marley and Iza to the Petco groomers Monday at 10 am this week.  Ayla had hidden too well to bring along.  The GUY there said they didn't groom cats.  Confused, I went back to the car.  But I was annoyed. 

The cats were safe;  it was 70F out and the windows were rdown, no possibility of overheating (and no harm occurred).  And nothing bad happened

I went back in and explained I was confused.  I repeated what I said above about the lady saying about grooming and me mentioning cats.  I mentioned the lady had a tattoo on her neck, she heard me saying "cats" and even that they were closed Wed and Thurs because there was just the 2 of them working as groomers.

The guy agreed with the website days and hours and that his grooming partner had a tattoo but would never have said the clipped cat claws.  Because they only do dogs...

Well, the vet was open for business, so I brought them there and their claws were clipped.  Happily, they had lowered their price to $15 per cat.  I watched them carefully.  Neither Marley or Iza had the least suggestion of annoyance.

So I drove home, caught Ayla and brought HER to the vet.  They clipped her claws the same way.  I watched closely...

That's part 1 of this.  Marley and Iza were just fine afterwards.

Ayla went nuts all week after the claw-clipping and I don't thing the vet did anything different that with Marley and Iza.  I was watching the whole time.  It doesn't seek like they accidently cut into the "quick".

But when I brought her home, she was spooked.  She hid for 3 days!  She cries when I call her to dinner as if something horrible is going to happen.  She didn't eat for a whole day and barely for the next 2 days.  She seemed back to normal yesterday (for the Garden Tour) but she reverted to hiding again later in the evening.

But when I called them all to meals, Ayla wouldn't come.  She just sat in a corner.  And if I approached, she cried and ran off into hiding places.  And then would suddenly run into my arms and purr for a few minutes and then squirm and run away again.

We have Felliway in the main living area.  She hides in the bedroom. 

Her claws were really bothering her.  She kept getting them stuck in any cloth.  I ever saw her yanking at them on the bed blanket, not getting them free until I helped.

I know she is smaller than Iza and Marley.  Are her claws (troublesome as they might be overgrown) better to have anyway?

Last night, she was still mostly hiding.  Her claws have been clipped before at every annual vet visit.

Any thoughts?

AYLA:  I mentioned being upset yesserday.  There was a reason.  TBT brought us to have our claws clipped Monday.  I went all weerd all week...  I am afraid...


Megan said...

You must be miserable TBT having a miserable cat and not really understanding what's causing the problem. I'm afraid I can't help, having never clipped claws on any of my cats. (As you know from previous exchanges we've had on this topic, I'm unaware of it being a common practice in Australia.)

I hope Ayla 'comes good' soon.

Sydney, Australia

Summer at said...

I'm so sorry you were traumatized by your vet trip to get your claws trimmed, Ayla. I hope you feel better soon.

Lone Star Cats said...

Hope ya feel better Ayla. We've had ours clipped since we were kittens and mostly tolerate it.

Brian said...

I sure hate that but hopefully the all is calm will show up soon.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

It is hard to find cat groomers, it is too bad Petco wouldn't do nails though. I wish I lived near you, I am really good at clipping cat nails.
I have no idea why Ayla got so spooked on this particular trip unless you usually bring them all together and this time she was alone ?? That is all I can think of, poor kitty. I hope she calms down soon. I am glad the vet dropped the price too because $30 is crazy, maybe they have it so high to avoid having to do really tough cats.

Alasandra, The Cats and Dogs said...

It may just be the trip to the vet, and not the claw clipping. Yin and Yang go to the vet together for annual checkups. Yang throws a fit in the carrier screams the entire way there and tries to claw his way out. I have to put him in the hard carrier as he clawed his way out of the other two that zip and have mesh. Once there HE LOVES EVERYBODY, PURRS AND LETS EVERYONE PET HIM AND DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. Yin on the other hand is very good in the carrier, but once we get to the vet she turns into a devil cat. Last time we were there she nearly took my hand off, the vet tech had to patch me up. I am with them both the entire time And I don't understand why being at the vet upsets Yin so. Once we got home she acted very embarrassed about hurting me and loved all over me. Yin has now taken Scylla's spot as worse cat to take to the vet. Scylla has actually mellowed in her old age.

The Whiskeratti said...

$30 for clipping? That's crazy. I'm glad you got a cheaper price. I've always trimmed my cats' claws because they grow so fast. Leia's are just like little needles. She really doesn't like it. Sometimes Toby barely notices. And poor Ayla... we really think it's not the trimming, but something else that spooked her.

Mary McNeil said...

I've never even attempted to trim my cat's claws, and only have the vet do it rarely, so I'm no help there. The suggestions above are all good oner. Maybe they didn't hi t the quick but cut them crooked (hence all the snags) as can happen with our fingernails if we tear one or cut them unevenly cause we're in a hurry. Can you touch her feet next time she cuddles to see if oine is sensitive ? Judging by today's (Saturday's) pictures she is feeling better !
It is scary and sad to not know what is upsetting one of the "kids."

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

Oh, dear. Poor Ayla. Maybe it was because you had to go there without the support of your furblings. Or all the indignity and so on just caught you off gaurd so that you were spooked.

I hope you are feeling much better now.

Petcretary just snips my nails whenevfer she thinks of it, when I am on her lap and the clippers are close by. Even one nail a day is better tn none at all, she says.
Dogguy on the other paw is a royal pain when it comes to that chore...and she has been doing that for 15 years and he still tries to put up a big fuss and fight:(

Is there a Petsmart or a Pets Supply Plus store nearby? Maybe they can help with that. There is also a small restraint that looks like a cat shaped cage (Look online for grooming aids for cats), that is used for grooming kitties or bathing them...sounds like torture to me, but at least it would avoid a trip in the carrier to the (Shhh) vet...

The Swiss Cats said...

We hope you feel better, Ayla. We're sorry you were upset by getting your claws trimmed. Purrs

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Poor Ayla, I hope she has calmed down now. Flynn never had his claws clipped until he became ill because he wore them down naturally on his walks and tree climbing. When he didn't go out as much they grew long. I decided to try clipping them on my own but was expecting a battle. He surprised me and just sat there while I did it.