Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Night Moves

Sometimes, late at night, TBT is still watching TV and we decide ta settle down in some napping spots until he actual goes to bed. 
We settle, but we watch fer him ta get up and head for bed.
Meanwhile, we just relax.  
Keep in mind we are across 2 rooms...
We wait...
 And wait...
Eventually he does decide ta go ta bed and we follow him down the hallway in a little parade to the bedroom.

He NEVER has the camera ready when we do THAT!  MOL!


  1. MOL, there's never a camera for the good stuff like bedtime parades! I like how you keep your lasers on him while you wait!

  2. Our nighttime rituals aren't very consistent. Not everybody goes to bed with my human's boyfriend, who is usually first. (He gives treats, but sometimes I don't pay attention.) Sometimes we decide to wait for my human, or just me, or sometimes me and one of the others. It's confusing.

  3. My mom does everything on her notebook including watching her tv shows. My dad conquers the real tv. So me always on top of the bed with mom. Generally me does nap while she awake but I will get her up later when the light has turned off tee heh 😹

  4. Why don't you go to bed before TBT and grab all the best spots? In winter, you might even decide to warm his spot up for him.

    Sydney, Australia

  5. That's quite the routine you all have. Too bad there's no photographic evidence of the parade. That sounds like fun. :)

  6. You must look like little ducklings following TBT to bed.

  7. That's the best kind of parade!

  8. Eu gostaria de ver isso.

  9. Yeah, they don't really get the impawtance of routine, do they? Herding hoomins is very tough.

  10. I love it. So does mommy. I pace until she FINALLY gets up and turns out lights so we can go to bed. She is usually on time but sometimes she can't put that book down...always "just one more page..." I hope TBT does bring the camera next time. We would all love seeing you all trailing on in to the big bed.

  11. There are times here too, that petcretary says she wishes she had a camera ready to go on the end of her finger, MOL!
    Many moments lost to no camera, or not ready, etc.
    Hope you all had a good snuggle after that long wait...

  12. Do you try to beat TBT to the bedroom when you see him on the move?


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