Monday, August 28, 2017

Outside Time

MARLEY AND IZA:  We show a LOT of inside shots, but you know we are outside a lot too.  But TBT has trouble getting pictures of us there.  We tend to run over to him and stand right on his feet an HE says no one wants ta see a lot of pictures of our tops.

So when we werent knowing he had the camera, he got a few...
We LOVE bein outside.  Walking in the grass, sniffin a few mousie holes, 
And we'll admit to grabbin a grasshopper or cricket.   And rollin in the grass...
Sometimes, ya gotta just be sittin on Old Mother Nature ta feel "right".
Ayla was up on the deck watchin us.  She enjoys that, so good fer her. 


  1. Why do you run over to TBT? Do you think he's gonna give you third lunches or something?

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I hardly ever get to do that! Maybe when the weather cools off, I can go out on my leash more.

  3. We don't go out but some of us *do* run to our mom when the camera is out. We would never admit fault, but it's part of the reason our photos are so bad!

  4. Sighs. We wish we got some outside time too.

  5. I love seeing your outside fun!

  6. Phoebe has just discovered the joys of hunting grasshoppers :) You do look happy outside.

  7. You sure do look like you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves out there in the grassy meadow of your yard!

    I wish I could do that...
    Ayla is missing out, but like you say, that is her choice so its all good:)

    I do not run to my peep with the camera, I run away, MOL!!!

  8. I had to take most of Eric's photos with the zoom because as soon as he saw the camera he would either run towards me, or turn his back to me. Flynn loved to pose for the camera.
    It is nice to get out and relax on the grass.


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