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Thursday, September 14, 2017

CAR-tooned Thursday

TBT got the car back 2 nights ago,

Image result for suv wrecked gif
They had WAY bigger tools than TBT does! Grounded the gas tank and used a Hydraulic something...   Anyway, he drove it home and brought us STEAKS.

Cool!  Of course we didn't get ALL the steak.  That was way more cow than even the 3 of us could eat.

But he shared a LOT!  Half mebbe.  So we were all good and plumped ...  Us and him...  Lets just say that when IZA is full we are ALL full.  She actually pushed a piece away.

The repair cost a LOT less than he feared.  So we celebrated.

Now we are curious.  How do we damage the car ourselfs next week?  We are saying "next week", cuz we don't want to miss out on the duck and turkey and  tuna the rest of THIS week.  But a real steak is better than the canned cow, ya know?
Marley had his fill and went to pass out  nap...  Iza came back for licks,

We were so stuffed we didn't bother TBT for First Breakfast.  Oh, OK, IZA did...


  1. Hey guys - the headline for this post could have read: Iza's Believe it or Not.

    You're apparently asking us to believe that Iza walked away from her food plate when there was still some steak left on it. I dunno that I can swallow that (excuse the pun!)

    And when I read that you'd all elected to skip First Breakfast, I just knew that you were telling fibs ... until I read the next sentence. Now I believe ya. LOL

    Glad that TBT got his vehicle fixed without it costing as much as he'd feared. He's a terrific chap to share the celebratory steak with you.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Hooray for the repair costing less that it might have...and steak, Mmmm!

  3. Steak?! I have no idea what that is, but it sounds heavenly!!

  4. @Summer - Slabs of COW! It was really good. Of course, TBT had ta cut it into small bits, but he showed it to us first and it was awesome sized!

    You should have seen him with the huge big square axe, slicing it thin and all fer us to eat...

  5. Wow! How cool that you guys got steak. We've never had that.

  6. Try to get the "car" damaged and fixed. That werked fer US!

  7. Ohhh mom hates car problems. Steak does sound really good.

  8. Boy did y'all hit the yummy jackpot!

  9. We're glad you could fix the problem with your car. Did you say steak ? Yummy ! Purrs

  10. We have (you may not believe this) Filet mignon trimmings leftovers. The trimmings are a bit "chewy" but we'll share...

  11. Glad the car wasn't as expensive as expected and that you got to have steak.

  12. Was the steak grilled? I love it when mum gives me a bit of her grilled beast.

  13. I love it when Mom brings home real cow and pig! Love Toby


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