Thursday, September 07, 2017

Garden Tour

MARLEY:  I am doing the Garden Tour today.  Thanks fer coming along.  Ayla is guarding the door while Iza stays inside to make the after-tour snacks...

I like to take the wider view of the yard, and there are LOTS ND LOTS!  And I like the veggie garden too, so there are even more of the LOTS!  So let's take some looks...

You may see Hummingbirds if you look carefully.  Like these females resting from feeding at the Salvias next to them.
The Salvia and Marigold planters are doing well.  We have had a lot of rain and they appreciate it.
If you sit still just a couple minutes, the hummingbirds will sit close.  We are not a threat to them, but they dont like sudden movement.
See how they watch us closely?
These are their favorite flowers I think.  
But I wont ask you to sit still fer long!  Here is the volunteer collossal marigold.  TBT is saving seeds from it.
This is a view of the deck rail planter boxes.  From front to back are Venus Fly Traps, a Sweet Basil, and celery plant, and far back, arugula and endive lettuce. 
This is a good way ta see all the Salvia/Marigold planters.
 Iffen you will hop up here on the deck rails, you can see the hanging pots.  They are all leftovers and volunteers TBT saved and used last.  A Salvia and White Zinnias...
 And one of Yellow Zinnias...  We aren't sure where they came from.  It has been a few years since he planted those.
Now into the garden!  TBT has Fall crops growing.  This one has celery, red romaine lettuce, a few Leeks, and green leaf lettuce.
The yard flowerbeds are starting to fade.  There are still some determined ones blooming.
 The Hummingbird/Butterfly/Bee bed is still blooming.  Not many, but it is the 1st year for them. 
Back up on the deck, you can see they dont look like much now.  We are hoping for better next year as some of the perennials bloom.
 This is the Spring Bulb Bed.  TBT covered it with plastic to kill the weeds before he plants more.  We have 300 bulbs arriving in October, and it is easier if the weeds are all dead.  And the existing bulbs like it to be REAL dry in Summer.
OOH!, I forgot part of the garden.  Lets run out there again real quick!   We have cole crops growing.  Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Purple Cauliflower, and Dwarf Red Cabbage (who needs a 12 lb cabbage?)
A few tomatoes are growing there too.  
The cucumbers are finally growing.  They started really slow.
The Romano Beans are doing well.  TBT gets a small bowl every other day now.
Another Fall bed.  There are red leaf lettuce in the corner (and they dont get redder than THESE!  There are carrots growing and Spinach just starting.
There are some Mum getting ready to bloom.  3 plants.  TBT says he will move them to the regular flowerbed in late Fall.
 And, finally, there are Snow PPeas growing.  TBT plants them outside and inside a 12 diameter cage.  He says "Stir-Fry"...
Wow, that may have been our longest garden tour EVER!

So lets sit on the lawn in the shade and see what Iza and TBT have been preparing.

Ooh, crumbled bacon bits mixed with some cream,  some crushed sardines from the Bein cans (better than OUR cans of it),  minced poached Turkey, Niptinis (with our own Fresh Nip), and some turkey broth in bowls.  Wow!  They did good.

Enjoy, my friends.

We thank you for coming along on our Garden Tour this week!


The Whiskeratti said...

You have just the loveliest garden. But the snacks.. MEOWWY!!!

Three Chatty Cats said...

What a beautiful garden!! I'm very jealous. And what a great tour guide, too!

MeezerMews&FrecklesWoofs said...

A garden to be proud of for sure.
Were you in the catnip at the outset, Marley??

I love your snacks, Mmmm! I think I live in the wrong den...

Summer at said...

It looks like TBT will have LOTS of veggies this fall! I think it is awesome that you get such friendly hummingbirds coming to visit.

Brian said...

Your deck looks so pretty with those beautiful flowers!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Everything looks great, thanks for the tour. Our hummingbirds seem to have already left for the season. I agree about the cabbage, those big ones are too hard to cut up and work with. Do the venus fly traps eat bugs outside or does TBT have to feed them something?

Megan said...

Fabulous tour. Thank you Marley. Those volunteer marigolds were spectacular. And I really enjoy seeing the vegetable garden. My only concern: was it really a good idea to lock Iza in the house by herself preparing the snacks? I mean ... could she be trusted do you think?

Sydney, Australia

Mark's Mews (Ayla, Iza, and Marley) said...

Yes, because TBT was in there watching her... He watches her closely around food.

The Island Cats said...

What a great tour this week. We liked seeing the hummingbirds. We love those little birds.

Just Ducky said...

Our hummers are crazy! They chase each other and even other birds.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You gave a great tour, Marley. The flowers are still looking lovely. Mine are starting to fade now, but the tomatoes are going crazy.
The cold wet summer slowed them up and now they are all ripening together. I am picking about 2 pounds a day and freezing most of them for sauces in the winter.

Katie Isabella said...

Oh I will sincerely tell you...yours been has the best garden I know of. I know the work it took and the snooervision you all gave to make sure it went well...and look at the rewards of each of your labors!