Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Surprise

TBT Here:  First, every time we try to get to Catblogosphere, we get:

"Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home2/morgen/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/email-subscribers/classes/es-register.php on line 1241"

If anykitty has some idea how to stop that, we sure would like to get there again!

Now here is an interesting painting. 

I've had it for decades.  A friend of my Mom painted it.  I always thought it was mice fighting cats with swords.  But I was looking at it today and realized the lines from the mice weren't swords but arms. 

They're DANCING among the cats!  Sometimes you just change perspective and gain it too.


  1. The Cat Blogosphere is having a glitch because of a bad Wordpress plugin and they aren't able to fix it right now. The cat bloggers who are on Facebook are using the Cat Blogosphere page there to post links until they can disable the plugin and get the site live again.

  2. That is the most unusual painting I have seen and I like that which you said about perspective. I take you up on chasing the ginger...come on over. There will be treats before, during and after. And I'd love to exchange ideas on keeping gingers out from now on.

  3. And Marley, I appreciate the irony now you mention it. Heeeee.

  4. Yep, it always pays to test those plugins before walking away. ;-)

    We like the painting, although we did think it was bigger cats and littler cats at first.

  5. I'm still getting multiple emails for blogs - not all of them, but some have sent me as much as 6 emails.I wonder if this is somehow connected to the plugin.

    I'm with Williams Kith & Kin - the little figures look like cats too. In fact the larger gray ones take a bit of a change of perspective to see them as cats.

  6. What Sumer said. It's probably an easy fix, but Mo hasn't had the time to look into it yet.

    We like that painting. It does look like cats to us too.

  7. I see Summer answered your question. I don't like Facebook so I haven't been adding my link there, I hope this gets fixed soon. That is a nice painting and interesting how your perspective changed.

  8. Cats and rats or big mice...romping through those cats!


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