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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year

Our New Year arrived right on time as usual.  TBT says that Nuyear Claus passed RIGHT over our house EXACTLY at MIDNIGHT in his hot air balloon.

Boy in a Hot Air Balloon

He doesnt leave presents (his cat Sandy Claws took care of that last week), but he does leave us a new year ta werk with.  He doesnt tell us what ta DO with it, its just a gift and the rest is up ta US.

We are hoping fer peace (and quiet), some food, warmth, clean water, and a dry warm place ta sleep for every critter.  You know, the basic stuff.  We are fine on that ourselfs.  Its others what need some help.

Iffen they get that, maybe we can werk on the more complicated stuff soon after...  But ya gotta start with the basics.

And, BTW, iffen ya got THAT, help some who dont...