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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Girlcat Tuesday

AYLA:  TBT got new blankies and stuff fer the waterybed (cotton stuff ta fight the Winter static what bothers all of us here).  So I decided the new blankie deserved a good posed kitty.  Me of course!
 Then TBT tossed one of my milk jug rings on the bed an I got all ecited. 
I LOVE those things!  They are light and round and easy to carry around.  Whapping them is like hitting a bug.  
 So forgive the slightly blurry pictures; I WAS kinna active.  Plus the flashy decides ta werk (or not) as it chooses.  It cant be forced ON. 
But I had lots of fun with the ring-thing until I decided I was tired  I went behind the dresser so TBT couldn't bother my nap with the flashy...