Sunday, January 15, 2017

We're Back

MARLEY:  Hurray, TBT has the computer werking better than it was even a few weeks ago when the programs werked but every thing was slow (which was before the programs stopped werking entirely). 

Im not sure what he did.  Meaning Im not sure he actally did much himself but rather got lucky running some check-up software and fiddling with some settings.  He says he will write about that on his own blog.  Probly.

We're just glad everything seems ta be werking again so we can be back.

Speaking of "back", we have "back" pictures today. OUR backs, MOL!

And, since our backs arent all THAT inneresting, here are some more pictures from our Birdie TV Channel...
We sure have a lot of pretty cardinals...

And goldfinches!

BTW, tomorrow (Monday) is Ayla and Izas Gotcha Day, so we will have an Afternoon Party.  All are welcome.