Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Two Fer Tuesday

AYLA AND IZA:  Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate out Gotcha Day yesserday!
It was QUITE a pawty.  We havent seen so many kitties chasing wand toys in a while; TBT even had 2 in each hand there at one point.  It was like we were surrounded by a whole FLOCK of low-flying birdies.  WOW!

The pawty lasted late into the night.  We think we went ta bed around 2 am and we were slow getting up this morning.  There was a lot of Nip involved last night.  In fact, when we got up there was still one pawtier one the couch an he wasnt feeling exactly "purrfect"...

But we got him some milk and chicken pate and he left soon after that.  Just slithered unner our Ess scratcher an dint come out the other side.  Well, everyone has their own teleport style...

Thanks again fer comin to our pawty!