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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Easy Like Sunday

AYLA:  We went out fer our morning post-breakfast stroll.  It was a bit brisk, but tolerable.  And YES, we sometimes do things together.  Especially checking the deck in the morning.  That's the best time to find out iffen there have been anny introoders overnight.

We sniff all the upright stuff first, those being the most popular marking sites.
Marley is allus most worried about introoders spying on the inside of the house, so he  sniffs the deck "where their butts would touch while they are sitting and spying".  Its not that he is a fraid, he is just very protective of the house and us.
Iza likes to sneak around corners hoping she will catch one hiding somewhere.  Since she likes to hide unner the BBQ cover, she figures "they" would too.
And in case she is right, we follow as backup.  I follow last.  They are more able to deal with surprises.  Hey, they are bigger!  And besides, a Princess never takes "point".  Dont get me wrong, IM the one to cut off the introoder retreat path .  It HAS happened (OK, once...).
Now, ya MAY be wondering why all this concern is "Easy Like Sunday", right?  But we didnt find anny introoders, so that was a GOOD relaxing thing.  All is secure.  NOW we can get our Easy on...